DEVLOG 1: WebGL and Other Things

Hi, I’m Rychu! PlatformHerpDerp has been around as a school project I’ve been virtually sending to friends via Skype and Kik. It’s nothing unique or innovative by any means, but it is my first attempt at creating a Unity game, it’s a learning experience. 


Good question.  Deploying updates to friends over Skype and Kik was counterintuitive and needlessly complicated. Basically I would compile the game files, zip it and then build an executable (.exe) file then upload it manually to MEGA and my friends would have to redownload new files everytime. I’m currently in the process of making a WebGL version which will allow me to deploy updates on to the web browser meaning the only thing you would have to open is my page. Optimizing C# code to perform smoothly can take some time but I should have a build up within the next few days.


In addition to the WebGL version, I will continue making the .exe version for Windows and I’m ALSO in the process of making a MacOS file (.dmg) for Mac users who can’t use the .exe version. Both of these will be optionally downloads available under the WebGL window on the page. I definitely want the game to be playable on all computers, I’m not sure about Microsoft Store but that is certainly possible too. The game will definitely never support VR and probably won’t support mobile. Consoles are doable and would be easy to optimize for this type of game but my focus is on computer platforms at this time. 

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